Re: *Cheap* Equipment sources

Jams & Kandy Nunn <jnunn@...>

I started my collection with a 535a that I purchased at a garage sale for $1. The scope came with CA plug-in and a set of probes. I always admired the Tek scopes from the 60's and thought that it would be fun to fix it or take it apart. I ended up doing both and spending a lot more than a buck to get it working. My other "sea story" is a 545a that I purchased from a TV station last year. The scope was calibrated! has the "old" style cart, 4 probes, a CA and a M plug-in and a 1L5 (not working) all the original manuals and I found the original purchase order in the operators manual compartment, total cost was $60.

Most of what I purchase I find on E-bay or the TRW swap meet (I live in LA).

Jim Nunn

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