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Hi Dave,

They are professional grade FFT based spectrum analyzers that plug into 7000
series scopes. I have 3 of them. They are fabulous. It is my personal
opinion from using them extensively that they are one of the very best 7000
plugins ever made. It is a pity that Tek didn't appreciate what could be
done with FFT based instruments until more than 10 years after this product
came out. That left a gaping hole in their product line. HP has a similar
FFT unit with comparable specs, performance, and functionality that is a
heavy (40+ pound) 19" rack mount instrument with a built in CRT. I believe
it is the HP 3582A. Of course it does not work with Tek scopes.

Their only real limitation of the 7530 is that it was designed to work from
1Hz to 100KHz, which is PERFECT for audio work but not really useful for RF.
A 7530 will work in any Tek 7000 scope but the 7603 (or 7603N) is ideal for
them since it has such a big screen. It generates its own digital readout so
the scope readout is not needed.

As far as I know the specs or manuals are not available on line. I found a
service manual 5 years ago for $100 (ouch) but I have never seen another
one. I also have the original marketing brochure from when the product was
first released back in the late 70s. It is a 40+ page technical brochure on
FFT based spectrum analyzers that is fadscinating to read. Rockland had
built several standalone FFT spectrum analyzers prior to designing this unit
so they knew their stuff.

The 7530A and 7530B are identical except that the A model had a feature
connector on the front that Rockland (Rockland was later bought by Wavetek)
didn't get around to wiring to anything. So in the B model they removed it.
As far as I know there was no 7530 (with no suffix). The A is the first
released version.

Also, there is a minor cosmetic difference between the front panels on the A
and B models. The A model came in several different color combinations over
time. Each of the A color schemes was quite colorful (gaudy comes to mind).
Why they changed color schemes in the middle of production remains a mystery
to me. The B model was painted a boring battleship gray with the
nomenclature in lackluster white. This is more consistent with Tek plugins
which are anodized aluminum. If the A versions were colorful peacocks, then
the B versions went overboard the other way resulting in one of the ugliest
7000 front panels ever made. It looks like it was designed by an amateur.


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Does anyone have any info about this spectrum analyzer designed for
the 7603? Maybe a link to specs or an op manual? There appears to be
very little in the way of information out there.


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