Re: *Cheap* Equipment sources

Michael <mdd@...>

I and a friend on this list have found pretty much all our stuff
at "garage sales" held at a local university. We're talking REAL
cheap. C$10-$20 (U$7-14) for anything from a 502A to a 549 or 556!
$5 for a plug-in. Usually in very good condition. How about you?
Gee, half your luck! I've never seen any Tek stuff at garage sales (not that
I go to many), and paid A$600 (around US$1200) for my (as new) 7603; but I
was given a TM503 with a DM501A (faulty) and three plug-in kits in exchange
for a satellite TV receiver. Meanwhile I have (mostly) fixed the DM501 and
keep looking... :)

Kind regards,

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