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I paid 25 for the 545a, most of the plugins cost 15 to 20, bought one on
ebay as well as some of my manuals, some of the stuff is in a salvage yard,
near by, but they run 25 to 45 dollars depending on the size and weight,
they look at the scrap value, bought the ca and the 130 lc meter this
weeking for 20 dollars for the two, more than i want to spend but i am in a
bad area for old tek stuff. I have found others but can not pay shipping.
You seem to buy much cheaper than i can, the 556 i got was 20.00 dolllars,
may not be an easy repair though. Since this is a hobby cheaper would be
MUCH better for me. I have payed more for manuals than equipment.

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Just a little poll of sorts: I'm wondering where we all find old
equipment -- at least the stuff we get for real cheap!

I and a friend on this list have found pretty much all our stuff
at "garage sales" held at a local university. We're talking REAL
cheap. C$10-$20 (U$7-14) for anything from a 502A to a 549 or 556!
$5 for a plug-in. Usually in very good condition. How about you?

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