Re: Manual Sources


Hi, Stan,

I was the one (Dean) who mentioned the manuals on 'fiche. I suppose
that I'm only assuming that they're doing that since they were so hot
to get all of us Service Center technicians to quit using paper
manuals and rely solely upon 'fiche for our documentation. It must
have been the same folks who did the mechanical design on the 434
that came up with that idea. In 1982, you could order the manual of
Tek's oldest scopes on 'fiche. I just assumed .....

It also makes me sick. I may have told you this story already.
Since I was the sole tech at the OKC Service Center, I got all
the 'fiche updates each week and dutifully made them. But I never
threw away the old 'fiche as it was replaced with the new. When I
left Tek, I had a nearly complete set of 'fiche from the oldest
instrument to the newest, through all the T&M, television, medical,
IDG (computer) and old catalogs and sales literature. I literally
gave it all away to a friend in Dallas who owned a cal lab there (a
lab that was sucking away an alarming amount of business from the
Dallas Service Center -- I'll have to tell you about Dale sometime)
in trade for a few pieces of older hp test equipment. I'll bet that
I could sell that 18" stack of 'fiche on eBay for an easy 4-figures
today, especially if Tek no longer produces it. I assume that
they've converted it all to PDF?


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