Re: 127

Stan or Patricia Griffiths <w7ni@...>

Hi Morris,

I am sure Tek made a silicon replacement kit for those seleniums. I am sure
I have a copy of it on microfiche. I will check that out at my next free
moment and see about taking my microfiche to the local library and making you
a hard copy of the mod instructions for you. I promise to keep the price of
my labor within reason . . .

Don't let me forget this . . . at age 62, things sometimes fall in the

Stan wrote:

I have picked up a 127 preamp power supply that is used to power a
couple of 1- or letter plugins for use as instrument amplifiers. It's
quite a boatanchor and seems to work OK but I want to replace the
selenium rectifiers in it with silicon for safety reasons.

There are 5 rectifiers in there. To save me a bit of measurement work,
does anybody have any info on function/ratings of the rectifiers or
whether Tek issued a bulletin on their replacement?


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