DPO/DSA 70000 PSU Repair


I've managed to get hold of a faulty DPO72004 at reasonable price.
It has a dead PSU which is an Artesyn AFE1200 - 48V, 1200W.
One seller on ebay is asking US$3999 for these PSUs which seems a bit rich.

So I tried jumpstarting the motherboard with a 600W PSU and it boots to the point that the Scope application starts.
(I wouldn't expect it to get any further as the acquisition board is not powered).

So back to the Artesyn AFE1200 PSU, I know this is a long shot but has anyone tried to repair one of these?
It would seems that all DPO/DSA70000 models >= 4GHz use this supply, maybe someone has a one for parting out?

- Guy

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