Re: DIY u800 repair


I had horizontal jitters in my 2465 scope and looked around for a new U800. Nothing. I thought about getting a used one, but the prices were astronomical, plus I had no idea if would be any good. I came across Lafay U800 so I attempted to contact him. That eventually led me to Ram. I bought it on EBay just as the pandamnit was ramping up. I installed his module and haven't looked back since. I got an early limited run, the last one, I think. He said he was going to continue to refine his design, so there may be a new version available. Try sending him an email at ramkumar.ramaswamy@... and see what he's been up to. The replacement procedure is not for the faint of heart, since the mainboard has to be removed to unsolder the original, but I managed.

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