Re: 454 with no vert. deflection

Stan or Patricia Griffiths <w7ni@...>

Hi Mike,

Good news! It is always great to hear of a success like yours.

More comments below . . . wrote:

Well I have located a manual, I bid on the one you had on Ebay but
it got out of hand in short order! ( I know you were happy!)
Anyway I have located my problems. (plural) turns out someone had
lifted the end of D388 to check it at some time and the choke on the
back side of the board had come off. Also Q388 was bad I replaced the
transistor and resoldered the choke and things got interesting! The
position controls were working but gain was still way off. I started
checking for gain in each stage from the delay line and
got as far as Q 464,364 at this point gain fell drastically! :( Well
I Pulled those and low and behold they were npn not the expected pnp,
I replaced with two 151-0193 and I have a new scope!!!!
(This scope came from IBM so I really don't Know what to think about
Well, there are marginal technicians in every company . . .

So in closing I want to thank you for all your help It was very nice
of you to take the time. Now I have this 2213 that the trace only
covers half of screen........
Half the screen horizontaly or vertically? I might have some ideas on this,
too, if you are stuck . . .

thanks. Mike Smith
OK, Mike. My pleasure.


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