Re: Tektronix 3001GPX power up & boot



Thanks for the reply. I was going to replace the battery anyway, as it's about the only thing that I can do to address any immediate deficits with the instrument, but fingers crossed that it does the trick.

I'd been wondering about the HSB feature. It looks like I only have the GPX probe pods. I will have to see if I can find any of the HSM pods. I did read (in the manuals I found on-line, and in the 1994 Tek catalog) that the DSO option was only available if you had the 3002 expansion chassis. The DSO option does sound very nice, however.

The expansion chassis looks like a mixed bag: on one hand you have a bunch of extra capability (including a color display, that uses a TekLink connection?, and the DSO option) that you can get with it, but on the other hand it is really big and loud (based on one video I found on YouTube of someone demoing a 3002 boot process). If I stumble across a 3002 with the DSO option I will probably snatch it up, but the two that I see on eBay are moderately expansive, and don't appear to have the DSO board.

-- Jeff Dutky

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