Re: Tektronix 3001GPX power up & boot


Several of updates:

1) I verified that the hard drive option (Opt. 1M) is actually installed (which I already suspected from the "Opt. 1M" tag on the back, along with a tag indicating that the hard drive is a Seagate ST-151, rather than the later IDE version, and because the boot screen says that it loaded the software from hard disk, and says that it parked the heads when I put it in standby).

2) I let the instrument try to boot from the software on the hard drive for 25 minutes, with not change in the boot screen messages, and no apparent progress.

3) I've been reading through the service manuals, and it doesn't look like there is a way to make the boot process show verbose messages. In fact, there doesn't appear to be any diagnostic guidance for a failure to boot. My only option seems to be to boot from the diagnostic floppy (which I have images of, but I have not created a floppy from them yet).

4) I also see that there is a battery to keep the clock-calendar memory, which I assume needs to be replaced. It doesn't sound like the battery backed NVRAM holds other information (e.g. calibration constants) so maybe it won't be a big deal after I replace the battery. Would a dead battery keep the machine from being able to boot? I am skeptical.

5. All of the power on self tests pass, and I have a steady image on the CRT, which tells me that a lot of things are working correctly. The fact that I'm not seeing error messages from reading the hard disk seems to suggest that it is also working correctly. Do I need to have the probe pods connected for this to boot?

-- Jeff Dutky

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