Re: Tek 2465A Frequency readout

Dave Voorhis

As another data point (er, anecdote) I just tried my 2465B with my RF signal generator (a vintage National/Panasonic VP-8160A) tuned to 250mhz, which is close to its maximum of around 260mhz, and Measure Freq showed 250mhz in both 50-ohm and 1M-ohm input modes.

The feature did seem a bit unreliable just after I got the 'scope, which had apparently sat for a while. It usually worked, but sometimes seemed unable to measure -- complaining of noise or small signal -- what I thought should be relatively clean signals. I've not had any issues since.

Maybe it needed time and use for humidity to dry out?

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On Tue, May 17, 2022 at 05:39 AM, Nick wrote:

Using the “Measure-Freq” sequence I get a decent readout up to 10Mhz,
after that I note that the trace doesn't trigger and the display reads
something like 36khz. The Width measurement also fails but in a
slightly different way, the signal is triggered and locked even at a
10Mhz but the readout doesn’t make much sense.
In the first picture you are in 50-ohm mode but in later pictures you are in 1M-ohm DC mode. In 50-ohm mode I tested frequency measurement function up to 650MHz on a 2467B, which is very similar to 2465B.


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