Re: Tek 2465A Frequency readout


Hi gents

My mistake, my 2465 is a "B" model, I just haven't had chance to play with it for a while and forgot.

Using the “Measure-Freq” sequence I get a decent readout up to 10Mhz, after that I note that the trace doesn't trigger and the display reads something like 36khz. The Width measurement also fails but in a slightly different way, the signal is triggered and locked even at a >10Mhz but the readout doesn’t make much sense.

I note that amplitude measurement pk-pk does cause a trigger and a decent measurement . It's the time based auto measurements causing grief. Triggers and cursor measurements are good to 500+ Mhz.

There is no CTT module on this one, not sure if it has any options at all. Mention of the need to trigger to get a successful measurement has got me thinking...I note that above 10Mhz it didn't trigger.

As I said, I cant find much in the manual about how the unit is making these measurements.

I’ve put some photos in an Album “ 2465B frequency measurements” so you can see the displays.

Thanks for the responses chaps and open to any help offered


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