Re: Tek 2465A Frequency readout



If you have option 06 (Counter/Timer/Trigger) then your scope can show you the frequency of a triggering input signal. If I am reading the manual correctly it looks like Option 06 is only good up to about 150 MHz. This coincides with my own experience using the counter/timer function on my 2465 DMS (Options 01, 06, 09, and 10: DMM, Counter/Timer, Word Recognizer, and GPIB) which seems to top out around 150 MHz.

If your scope's counter/timer function is topping out at only 10 MHz then either something is very wrong, or maybe you have the BW limit switch engaged? (that's a 20 MHz limit, but it's close enough to what you're seeing to be worth checking)

-- Jeff Dutky

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