Re: Tek 2465A Frequency readout


Hey Nick,

It's my understanding that the auto measurement functionality was
introduced with the 2465/2467B. Your 2465A and my 2467 should have all the
same features, aside from options (mine has opt 09, CTT - counter timer).
I think it might help if you describe the feature you're using to do this
measurement in more detail.
On my scope I can get a frequency reading with cursor measurements, with
single or dual delay, with or without B-trigger. These scopes pack a wallop
in features, so it helps to be specific.


On Sun, May 15, 2022 at 4:26 PM <njkenworthy@...> wrote:

I fixed my 2465 over a number of years, replacing the ROMs etc and
fighting my way through the CAL process despite not having the best kit.
My question relates to the frequency measurement readout. While I can get
reasonably accurate 1/dt frequency readings with the cursors, the auto
measurement function tops out around 10Mhz.
I cant find any useful info in the manual on what its capabilities are ,
so don't know for sure if its faulty and I've only ever had access to my
own scope.
Should the frequency measurement work for the full bandwidth of the scope?
If so, is this likely to be connected to the final parts of the CAL which
rely on the PG506, which I have never had access to, and which I had to
"fudge " as best as I could with what I had.

If not, any tips on where to focus to clear up the problem.


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