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That used to bug me too.

I would go into a lab after hours when the lights were out (or reduced), and there would be 6 or 2465B Scopes with traces on them burning phosphors all night long. Night after night...


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A previous user pre-burned my 7514 for me. :(

It isn't too bad but it is noticeable.

Barry - N4BUQ

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I have just become the proud owner of a 7633.
Congratulations on your new 7633. In its time, it was Tek's most
powerful 100MHz analog storage mainframe. It is capable of all useful
and not-so-useful storage modes that analog 'scopes provide. I
consider the ancient Bistable Storage mode the least useful.
Study and use the Operator's Manual, as I suggested earlier. It's well
written (as usual with Tek) and of course it applies directly to the
controls and operation of your 'scope.

One bit of warning: Storage CRT's are more susceptible to screen
burn-in than ordinary CRT's. Also, they are generally to be used at a
lower brightness than non-storage CRT's. Many people use their
non-storage CRT's at a brightness which would be too bright for general use of a storage CRT.

I've got quite a number of different Tek analog storage 'scopes and I
still like to play with them at times, mostly a 7834 (a 400MHz version
of the 7633 in a
sense) and a 466 100MHz portable.
Once you get the hang of it, I'm pretty sure you'll like to play with
and use your 7633. Everything feels so analog!


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