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Do you think maybe a bad output transistor? thanks for your
Maybe, Mike. Looking at my 454 manual, I see that the collector
voltage on
both Q394 and Q494 should be about 41-42 volts measured with a
Also, I don't think the voltmeter should "load" the circuit such
that the
voltage changes very much because of attaching the voltmeter.
There are TWO
sets of vertical deflection plate pins. Are you sure all FOUR

A good troubleshooting method for balanced circuits like
is to short together like points such as the upper and lower CRT
plates in order to force them to be at the same voltage. This
should force
the trace to be centered vertcially and should not damage the
circuitry. If
the trace is centered with the CRT vertical deflection plates
together (this is also the same as shorting the collectors of
output stage transistors together), it is a very good indication
that the CRT
itself is good.

Next, you can remove the short and move it to the emitters of
and Q494.
If the trace is once again centered vertically, most likely Q394
and Q494 are
good. Next, move the short to the base of Q374 and the base of
Q474. If the
trace is once again centered, most likely Q374 and Q474 are
You can
work your way a stage at a time through the vertical amplifier
way until
you do not get a centered trace. Now you are very close to the
problem and
it is time to check for shorted or open transistors in this
immediate area.
Be careful not to brush ground with the loose end of the short
while the
instrument is powered up and the other end is connected because
will have
a LOT of destroyed transistors if you do that . . . Also, be
BOTH ends
of the short wire are disconnected before connecting one end to
another part
of the circuit . . .

Let me know how this works for you.


I got no farther than Q374 and Q474,
I replaced both transistors and the output transistors collector
voltage dropped to 40.5 and 35.2 volts. The trace is now in the
half of screen and I have a small deflection of a square wave
so gain is poor. Should Q374and Q474 be a matched duo?
This thing about having to touch the collectors to start the
transistors to conduct is really odd, you don't have to leave the
probe on just make a momentary contact with deflection pin or
I don't have a manual for this thing so I'm working mostly in the
dark. I would like to thank you very much for all the help you
given me. mike
Hi Mike,

You really need a 454 manual. The one I was using to remind me of
the Q
numbers was the one I now have up for sale on eBay right now. You
look at auction #1226363944 and think about bidding on it.

You probably have found at least one bad transistor, or maybe two.
You can
test those for most defects with an ohmmeter right on the bench.

The next thing I would do is short the emitters of Q394 and Q494
and see if
this forces the trace to the center of the screen. If it does,
then I would
say Q394 and Q494 are good and you need to progress with the
shorting process
to the previous stage, etc.

You really need the manual . . .

Well I have located a manual, I bid on the one you had on Ebay but
it got out of hand in short order! ( I know you were happy!)
Anyway I have located my problems. (plural) turns out someone had
lifted the end of D388 to check it at some time and the choke on the
back side of the board had come off. Also Q388 was bad I replaced the
transistor and resoldered the choke and things got interesting! The
position controls were working but gain was still way off. I started
checking for gain in each stage from the delay line and
got as far as Q 464,364 at this point gain fell drastically! :( Well
I Pulled those and low and behold they were npn not the expected pnp,
I replaced with two 151-0193 and I have a new scope!!!!
(This scope came from IBM so I really don't Know what to think about
So in closing I want to thank you for all your help It was very nice
of you to take the time. Now I have this 2213 that the trace only
covers half of screen........
thanks. Mike Smith

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