Re: Tek TDS500/600 series scopes capacitor replacement best practice

saipan59 (Pete)

If you live in a dry climate, doing a "full recap" is very likely not necessary.
Consider the risk of accidentally breaking something during the procedure.
The "replace all by 33uF..." sounds like a Bad Plan to me. A cap should be replaced with one that satisfies the functionality in the original circuit.
*Consider* replacing only the high-risk caps: For example: any caps that handle significant power levels; any that are a type/brand that has a bad track record (Rifa, etc.); any that show visible signs of issues; any that are actually causing bad behavior in the circuit; any that are in a part of the circuit such that if they fail, it is likely to cause Expensive damage.

The above is my opinion. You can easily find folks that will say things like "all electrolytic caps need to be replaced, simply because they are old", etc.


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