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Dave Voorhis

Sorry for veering off-topic, but I have a room for my hobbies and my other half has a room for hers. The rest of the house is ours.

It works delightfully for both of us.

My room is also my work-from-home office. On several occasions, I've reached for something behind me on a Zoom or Teams call, and someone will almost inevitably exclaim, "I thought that was some sort of fake background! You mean all that stuff is _real_!?"

I think it looks great in my man-cave, but I can appreciate that it wouldn't be appropriate outside of it.

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scopes take up very little room until......the collection grows past 3 and you get into the big beauties.....unfortunately I agree you do need 2....(especially when they are just two channel os why I have more than 4...)...and no matter eventually you will need a spare to do a repair to the other.......

So the question is what does your wife like/collect? something to consider.....potential "bribe" LOL Renée

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