Re: Opinion on 'scope selection


The 2465 doesn't have a battery backup, unlike the 2465A and B. So you don't have to worry about a battery that has failed, or is about to.

The two scopes on my bench are the 2465 and a 7904.


On 2/25/2022 7:38 AM, druid_noibn via wrote:
An opinion please. A friend is offing me a choice of one of his Tek scopes: 453, 465B, 2236, 2246, 2445, 2445B, 2465, 2465A, and a THS730A. His plan is to sell-off the inventory…he has a lot of “stuff” and we have retirement.
We all know that a working “A” is far better than a non-working “B” and I have not evaluated the items yet but would like an opinion or two on which would be a “preferred” for an experienced hobbyist.
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