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Again - good points to think about - I'm not one to worry too much regarding noise - my wife says I'm deaf, but it's more that I come from a large family. 

I must admit to wanting to keep a THS730A as a back-up and lean towards the 2465/2465A after checking the items out.

Kind regards,John

On Friday, February 25, 2022, 12:54:10 PM EST, Siggi via <siggi@...> wrote:

I have a few scopes in my lab, including a 485, 7834, 2430, 2465, 2467 with
CTT, TDS784D and a HP54622D. My first go-to is always the 2467 because it's
very very usable and usually more than capable. It's only when I run out of
"slow" that I go to a digital scope (the HP), or if I run out of fast I go
to the TDS784D scope.
You should definitely go have a twiddle of all the scopes on offer, and you
might want to listen to them as well. You may find that the 2465 is more
suitable for a quiet lab than the 2465A, because the former has that
wonderful impeller fan, while the latter has a "computer" box fan.
On the whole, I'd probably go for the 2465 or the 2465A, though the THS730A
is interesting in its own right, as it has two isolated channels. Assuming
it comes with suitable probes, this can be a nice feature to have on

On Fri, Feb 25, 2022 at 10:38 AM druid_noibn via <druid_noibn=> wrote:

An opinion please.  A friend is offing me a choice of one of his Tek
scopes: 453, 465B, 2236, 2246, 2445, 2445B, 2465, 2465A, and a THS730A.
His plan is to sell-off the inventory…he has a lot of “stuff” and we have

We all know that a working “A” is far better than a non-working “B” and I
have not evaluated the items yet but would like an opinion or two on which
would be a “preferred” for an experienced hobbyist.

Kind regards,

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