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Hi David,
Good points - a field 'scope and take a god look at the 2465A


On Friday, February 25, 2022, 11:23:31 AM EST, David Templeton <vexorg.calibra@...> wrote:

The THS730 is the handheld digital. They are proper scopes, not like the scopemeter , but it does have a very old style mono lcd that is slow to update. The size is nice if you need truly portable as it’s easy to hold in one hand, like a clipboard.

2465A would be my choice out of the rest


On 25 Feb 2022, at 16:06, Dave Voorhis <voorhis@...> wrote:

Speaking as a collector, with a collection that started in 2016 with a 475 (I'm not counting a forgettable modern DSO) and has since grown to twenty oscilloscopes and curve tracers, I suggest attempting to obtain all of them. 😊

But assuming only one... 

It depends on you, what you want do to with a 'scope, and what you're comfortable maintaining.

For easy repairability, totally manual operation and relatively low bandwidth (maximum 50mhz) I'd go with the 453.

For maximum bandwidth and some measurement capabilities, but perhaps more difficult repair, go with the 2465A. The 2445, 2465 and 2445B are essentially equivalent but lower bandwidth. The 2465A is 400mhz.

I know nothing about the THS730A. That's a newer, portable digital 'scope. Probably the most in-build automated capability, but perhaps most difficult to do-it-yourself repair if it needs it, and not everyone likes driving digital 'scopes.

The others kind of fall in between, I guess. The 2236 has a built-in counter and digital multimeter, which is nifty. The 2246 is analog with some measurement features. The 465B is like an updated 453.

Tough choice!

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An opinion please.  A friend is offing me a choice of one of his Tek scopes: 453, 465B, 2236, 2246, 2445, 2445B, 2465, 2465A, and a THS730A.  His plan is to sell-off the inventory…he has a lot of “stuff” and we have retirement. 

We all know that a working “A” is far better than a non-working “B” and I have not evaluated the items yet but would like an opinion or two on which would be a “preferred” for an experienced hobbyist.

Kind regards,

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