7B90P in a 7000 series

Chris van Lint

I have had a chnace to plug the 7B90P into a 7603 and this is what happens:
Without the short accross P028: nothing
With a jumper accorss P028: Some switches on the front panel light up, however every time in a different sequency i.e. random. It is also not possible to change any of the settings by pushing the buttons. However............ there is a trace approx every 10 seconds, which takes about 1/2 second to run accross the screen.

In the 7613 the following happens, regardless of whether or not the jumper is in position:
The buttons on the front light up in a logical fashion exactly the same every time i.e :<pp auto>, <auto>, <int>, <micro sec> I can change the buttons to any setting, by simply pressing them.

The <trig'd> light is off, unless I switch to "line" or "ext trig", with an external trig signal being fed in. However no trace at all can be observed.

One list member very kindly sent me a manual, but before I pull out the extender cable and start poking around with test leads, pretending I know what I am doing, I wonder whether anyone can recognise a logical pattern here and suggest what is going on. The fact that I do get a trace of sorts in the 7603 and the ability to change settings in the 7613, seem to indicate that the thing (wishful thinking?" may be OK


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