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547 (my workhorse bench scope), 549, the enormous 555 scoposaurus,

Do you know how the 555 differs from that other monster, the

I would love to have a 556. They are both massive double beam machines
but there are quite a few differences. The 556 is in one piece while
the 555 is quite a bit larger and has a separate power supply. The 555
has 4 plugins, 2 vertical and 2 special timebases while the 556 has
built in timebases. The 555 has twin distributed amplifiers and lumped
delay lines while I'm pretty sure the 556 has 549 type vertical amps
with a coaxial line and a pair of 8608s. They're different enough to
make them both desirable but unfortunately not many 556s made it down

and many plugins including a homebrew spectrum analyzer built into
old plugin caracass
Please tell us something about your spectrum analyzer!
It's based on the unit described in QST in 1999 by Wes Hayward and
another fellow whose name escapes me. Wes (W7ZOI) has a website with
pictures of various versions including an early shot of mine before I
found an attenuator for it. You can probably find it by doing a
search. It goes up to 80 MHz and has 5 KHz resolution at its best. I
had to design an interface to the Tek plugin specification which works
quite well even if I say so myself.


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