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I read a bit more in the 7A22 manual and saw where it does indeed have the internal offset voltage. I'd not realized that on a first scan.

Thanks for the clarifications. That really helps.

Barry - N4BUQ

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the 7A22 does have an internal adjustable offset voltage, it's just not
calibrated or presented on a mechanical display. it's turned on by
setting the LF -3dB POINT switch to the DC position connected to the
OFFSET adjust knobs with the gray line.

The 7A13 has a 100 MHz BW and is useful when a calibrated offset voltage
is useful. We used them at Wavetek to set the triangle peaks to exactly
+ and - 2.5V.

The 7A22 is useful when you need sensitivity up to 10 uV/Div, need
adjustable LF and HF filtering and can live with a 1 MHz maximum bandwidth.


On 1/22/2022 9:27 AM, n4buq wrote:
While troubleshooting various aspects of my scopes, I've encountered waveforms
in the manuals where a very small signal is displayed at/near the center of the
displayed image with a + or - value shown to the side of the display and I'm
just now realizing that those images were made while using a differential
amplifier and I'm considering obtaining one. I can typically see the waveforms
by switching to AC input mode but that may not be quite as good as using a
differential measurement method.

I see where the "popular" versions for the 7000 series is either a 7A13 or 7A22.
The 7A13 (either the mechanical or digital model) seem to be perhaps the
easiest to use due to the offset/comparison voltage is provided internal to the

For the 7A22, is it still just a case of providing an external offset voltage in
one input and the signal to be measured is applied to the other input? That
seems logical but thought I'd ask for some general guidelines before getting
one of them.

Barry - N4BUQ

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