Re: 502A Dual Beam Scope

Michael Dunn <mdunn@...>

At 3:13 AM -0700 2000/9/08, Stan Griffiths wrote:
> BTW, can anyone point
> out any real advantage to a scope like the 502 having dual beams...?

In order to correlate two different
signals in the body (for example, brain activity and subsequent muscle
movement) you needed to monitor two points simaltaneously without the lost
of signal or noise that might be generated by sharing one beam using the
"chopped" mode.
Though frequencies are usually low in such work. Were contemporary chopped scopes all too noisy?

The other dual beam scopes like the 551, 555, and 556 found uses in the
nuclear energy industry.
Wouldn't one need storage to capitalize on their dual-beamedness?


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