Re: ebay scammers to be aware of


For reference here's the EEVBlog thread in question: My sympathies
are with the seller entirely in this case. Sadly it seems quadzillatech is
showing the same behavior all around, which I must say ticked me off
slightly on this forum.

I believe the term is "askhole" ( A person who
constantly asks for your advice, yet ALWAYS does the complete opposite of
what you told them to do.


In a larger context, I find that the fun, engaging and generally successful
repair threads here are where the poster finds rapport with one or more
forum members, where there's some public back and forth to diagnose the
problem to cause or causes and fix it. There have been some enormously
satisfying repair threads both here and on the HPAK forum where a relative
n00b is guided to make successful repairs on amazing old equipment.
From the other side, I still get the warm-and-fuzzies anytime I look at my
2467 (thank you machineguy et al) or my HP8566B (thank you pianovt & John
Miles) - both involved weeks of poking-at, and SO MUCH learning.
I feel like it should be possible to come up with a good formulation for
this, something akin to the "how to ask a good technical question"
formulation. WDYT?

On Fri, Jan 14, 2022 at 1:33 PM Paul Flinders <> wrote:

On 14/01/2022 17:09, David Templeton wrote:
it's really kicking off on EEV
Our friend seems to be trying to get himself banned there as well.

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