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Chris van Lint

Thanks fo your original advice to remove the jumper (I actually installed a jumper). Anyhow in the original state without jumper it did not work. The good news is it should work. The bad news is I have to try and get a manual somewhere and get the thing running. This is what is so great about this group; the combined talent usually finds a solution. I suppose this also means that I do need to lust for a 7912AD


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Subject: [TekScopes] Re: getting older

My 7B90P (S/N B031584) works in both my 7603 and 7854 as well as my
7912AD (with jumper removed) and is a very nice t/b, so maybe your
problem lies elsewhere (I made the P028 suggestion.)

I recently enquired
> on this forum, whether the 7B90P could be configured to work in
manual mode
> i.e. without the GPBI interface. Someone pointed out that I should
> P028. I did and still there was no trace on my 7613. It took a while
> before the penny dropped after I looked at the TEK catalogue - the
> apparently only works with the TEKTRONIX 7912 AD Programmable
Digitizer !

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