Re: tek 2430a vs tek 2430


On Fri, Dec 31, 2021, 5:13 PM <> wrote:

for whatever reason,it now seems ok,all ive done is cycle it a couple of
times and all self tests now pass,wierd!,can anyone explain this?as far as
sending it back for a refund goes,i wont bother as for £70 it seems a
decent scope,just hate the ballach to set these up tho compaired to
analog,horses for courses i suppose!,happy new year all! 73 m3vuv.
Yeah, these are a PITA to use compared to the 2400s or earlier. Slow as a
wet week too. Because of the architecture, they're about as near blind að
makes no difference. This scope spends more time digitizing the signal than
capturing or displaying it at almost any speed above where roll mode is
available. Roll mode with envelope capture is awesome, however.

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