Re: 1502 TDR RECORD functions

Tom Gardner

On 30/11/21 07:10, John Parkins G8KVP wrote:
Hello Reg,

The 1502 is the first time 2 of my hobbies have come together, electronics and woodwork.

I can get rolls of paper that fit our credit card machine and with a fine blade they can be cut down to the right size on the bandsaw. Not that I use a lot of paper.

You mention the the illumination....... Something I've looked at and it all seemed a bit tight, so it never got done. Keep us informed on how you go about it, then I might have a go. I have to say it's the only downside to my machine.
ISTR that the paper has holes down one side, and that a photodetector detects the holes.
ISTR that someone has synthesised the signal from the photodetector so that the chart recorder works without the holes.

I don't know since I've never bothered with a recorder; I simply bought a cheap XY output plugin.

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