Introduction and 465 Help Request

Bill Wollam

Hello, I just discovered this group and look forward to
Right now I can use some technical help, though.

I am wrestling with a TEK 465 in the 32xxx serial # range that seems
to work fine in all areas except vertical position display. Both
channels have the same symptom, that is they have what seems to be an
accurate display when the vertical position is centered, but when the
position control for either channel is moved to either the top or
bottom of the screen, the trace only goes as far as the next to last
graticule and the signal gets compressed in amplitude until it
disappears altogether. I have been spending most of my troubeshooting
time in the vertical amplifier module because it appears that at
least one stage may be driving into cutoff or just the oposite (too
low gain) because the voltages on the vertical deflection plates do
not show the movement that the manual indicates. I have not yet tried
adjusting the gain pot because I need to find a signal source
compatible with the manual procedure on this. The manual gives you
the process but not much theory to allow for deviation.

If anyone has seen this before or has any suggestions, I would
appreciate hearing it. BTW, I am using a 453 to troubleshoot which
has an intermittent high voltage supply. That will be the next
project. Thanks in advance, good to have found this group.

Bill Wollam

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