Chris van Lint

Hi there,

I have been following the threads on using the 7A16P manually with casual interest, until somewhere in the back of the grey mass with floats around between my ears I remembered that a few years ago I scored something 7000 and GPBI. When I fired it up, it lit up like a Christmas tree. The lights behind the transparent buttons are LEDS instead of the traditional incandescent lamps. Pressing the buttons would change the indications, however it would not produce a trace on the scope. After chastising myself, for not checking in the catalogue whether the thing is any use to me, I put it aside for possible use as spare parts. After having a good look at it today, this seems very unlikely, as it is jam packed with fairly sophisticated components (40 pin IC's etc.) and the transistors are soldered in. (mercifully no tantalums).

So far I have located the following plugs/jumpers:
VMA (superscore)
STOP (superscore)

Can anybody tell me whether this plug-in can be used manually



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