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Colin Herbert

The oddity is that the serial number printed on the Grayhill switch is 71BDF30-02-2-AJN just as yours, so why didn't Digi-key include the extra parts, or did I manage to lose them? (I don't think so).

I have now bought the correct stop pins and sticker from Digi-Key which were just a few pennies, though the postage was a bit on the expensive side.

I used to have a message that suggested that Digi-Key had an excellent customer service, but (1) I couldn't be bothered with fiddling about with costs when I could get the parts I needed even if they cost me a bit and (2) I couldn't find the message referring to Digi-Key customer service anyway and I live in London, England so it would have cost someone the shipping costs.


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Here is a PDF of the datasheet for the Greyhill 71BDF30-02-2-AJN switch
that was recommended for the tester. The stop pins are shown on page 11. <> If your switch doesn't have
the adjustable stop pins then you may have a different model switch.

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Ah, But that order was from Mouser, not DigiKey like mine. My switch was
just in a bubble-wrap bag in another plastic bag.

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I purchased the parts for this project from Mouser in January of this
year. The Grayhill switch we are discussing arrived packed a plastic tube
and included the pins, stickers and paper instructions for configuring it.

Shaun M

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