Re: 465B recapping and tantalum caps


Hi Dave,

I think the subject has come up and I _think_ the filter sections for both are the same - or at least with very little changes but I can't really be sure.

Send me your address and I'll get a board out to you if you still want one. You can send me a couple of bucks to cover costs if you want but not a big deal.

Barry - N4BUQ

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I haven't looked and compared 465 and 465B board layouts on the prints, but I
figure you might have been down the road before of being asked if these are
compatible with a 465? If so, how would I obtain one of these? Do you have a
website? I have a 465 that is working fine with original electros right now
anyway, but you know how that goes. I'd like to maybe get ahead of the problem,
or at the very least be ready if I put it off until that fateful day. I might
actually not procrastinate if I had a nice little board!
Thanks, dave austerman KG5IPO

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