Re: TEK 475: Dead on Start Up.



I was indeed planning to substitute burnt Tantalums, by similar ones,albeit with a substantial higher working voltage.
This is a proven repair method in REVOX, STUDER audio equipment where Tantalum caps (Red Devils) consistently fail, because STUDER elected to choose 6V ones on 5V power rails: No margin whatsoever!

So far, my repairs of e.g. a REVOX A-700, hold on nicely (all tantalums on power rails replaced), but tantalum coupling capacitors left alone.

I contemplated to replace 1 uF and 2.2 uF tantalums on power rails by film caps (WIMA MKS2, ), because those are small enough to fit in the location of a tantalum cap.
Would these film caps have adequate specs to replace a tantalum equivalent?

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