Re: Idle Question About the 485


Dave Peterson wrote:

sorry this thread is crashing
As the OP I don’t think that the thread is crashing at all, the question about the 485 trigger view feature was only half of the original question. Avoiding bidding on auctions was at least as important.

I feel bad when I see a nice item with a low starting bid and nobody bidding. I always imagine that it’s an individual just trying to sell the item, may it had sentimental value, or maybe they need the money so badly that they’re parting with it, and I just feel bad. Of course sometimes I bid because the starting bid is ridiculously low, and I’d be a fool to pass it up for that price. Other times it’s because the item is something that imagine might go to the dump and be picked over by tube thieves if it doesn’t sell.

None of that obtains here. I’ve got so empathy for surplus businesses, and the price is not low enough to be impossible to refuse. I’m still willing to have a bull session over the particulars of our shared addiction.

— Jeff Dutky

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