TDS3012 and up


I while back I informed here that I'm trying to revive a TDS3012; essentially that was done with good results.
That scope came to me with Rack Mount RM3000 (includes all the hardware to install the scope) that doesn't have room (or usage) in my 'lab' (let's call it that); it's in fairly good shape and if someone has a need for it, can have it for postage (that might mean something, I'm in Toronto, Ontario, Canada).

The main subject is different: assuming there would be available another TDS3012, what would be the challenges (from electronic point of view - disregard mechanical stuff), to convert to a TDS3014? I believe Håkan is one of the people with a lot of info and knowledge about these scopes and I'd love to hear his opinion. Anyone else interested or with knowledge is invited to share opinion; I believe is doable.
All the best to all

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