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The 485 is the finest portable Tek made in its day. I paid $350 for mine
about 15 years ago and I'd gladly do it again if I had to, but obviously
would rather pay less. That 350MHz BW rating is highly conservative. I
prefer it over other scopes for some things (many of us have favorites for
certain tasks). If ya need one, it's probably the right one. If not,
it's still probably the right one unless you need 4 channels. Two
channels is just right for the work I used to do when I bought it
(amplifier design and prototyping). And the size is just right to plop
right up on the bench. Mine lives on a scope cart these days but it
really is right at home ON the bench -unlike a lot of our other boat

-Bob N3XKB

On Thu, Oct 21, 2021 at 12:43 PM Jeff Dutky <> wrote:


I don't see the fusible element in the 485 schematics, maybe you're
thinking of the 7A19, or the 7A24?

My wife might not kill me if I got a 485, but I'm in the middle of a reorg
of my bench and lab (making storage and organization for a bunch of
plug-ins, and finding a reasonable way to arrange portable and bench-top
scopes along side other instruments for use) and I'm already thinking that
some of my scopes are surplus to requirements. A 485 would not make the
project any easier.

The 7903 is clearly superior to the 485, unless you have to travel with
it. My whole reorg is being done because I've become quite fond of a couple
of 7600s (two 7603s and a 7633) in recent months. My bench was organized
around a couple of portable scopes originally, which could be easily
arrayed around my desk sitting upright on the floor, but the 7600s demand
bench or shelf space. Having one 7600 on the bench as a tool doesn't leave
much space for a second one as a patient.

I have not technical need for a 485. My only emotional connection is that
I let a nice one slip through my fingers this past spring at a similar
price. It had a blue phosphor CRT! I suspect that another member of this
group might have bought it while I was napping.

-- Jeff Dutky

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