Re: USPS shipments comments

Steven Bender

Hi All,

A few years back, (not Tek equipment) I won a beautiful, museum quality cosmetics, Bang & Olufson linear tracking turntable, 1980’s Made in Europe, heavy, IIRC around $225. and the weight was about 40 lbs. It was coming from nearby, less than 50 miles away (next state over). The mailman carried it up the steps, walked over, (I was at the door watching) as he got near to me, he tossed it forward three feet onto the cement. He managed to break almost everything possible to break in the unit. I had taken out full replacement insurance, while I was eventually paid (minus $50. - no reason given). What can you do?

I’ve seen UPS do worse… a Sony TC-650 RTR arrived with a side of the box ripped open, trailing packing material, dropped so the metal frame warped so bad, unable to be repaired, the nice wood sides were a thousand tiny toothpicks, picked up again to go to the UPS Evaluation Center (likely it was dumped in some green recycle bin) and I got a massive $100. back, which was like a third of the cost before shipping.


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