Re: 7704A - Delayed Sweep Intensity Too Bright



Intensity settings for normal traces are about right. The main intensity is somewhere near mid-range and the A/B intensity controls are in the 9:00 to 12:00 range (or less).

I'm using a 7B53A and when I pull the time/division knob to its outward position for a delayed sweep, the delayed trace is very bright. I presume the intensity of the delayed sweep is an independent setting from a normal trace in the main frame but not sure.

Barry - N4BUQ

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It sounds like the time base you are using is the source of the delayed sweep.
Some have an intensity control for the delayed sweep. A 7B92A is an example.
The 7704A has two main intensity controls, the one at the top and two above the
plug-ins. One of the two could be turned up. I have the two about 70% up and
adjusted the crt bias so that the main intensity is about at the 11 o'clock
position to get a trace visible. Controls in the Z circuit were adjusted. Those
will alter intensity and focus.


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