Re: Idle Question About the 485



I have already lucked out on a 2465 in January of this year, which cost slightly less than this 485 ($120 before shipping). I'm not really interested in the 2465A or 2465B, both because the controls move further and further away from direct control of the instrument on the A and B models, and because of a certain fellow in California who sells disfigured 2465As as 2465Bs, so I'm unsure if I can trust any second-hand 2465Bs I would find in the wild.

I did notice the deterioration of the upper trigger slope knob, but the rest of the unit looks to be in fairly good condition, considering its age. Also, this is a scope from exactly the period that I most like (which includes the 475 and the 7000-series). I also noticed that the hinge covers on the handle seem to be quite faded, which makes me worry that they are about to go brittle, and there is some damage to one of the rear feet. The serial number is B010156, which I think means that it is a very early production unit indeed.

For being so old, most of the knobs appear to be in excellent shape, and the CRT looks quite strong (the intensity is set at less than the half way mark and the traces look nice and bright). Still, your warning is heard and heeded.

Actually, on a second examination of the images, it appears that the CH 1 and CH 2 VOLTS/DIV knobs don't match, which means that one (probably CH 2) had to be replaced, and all they could find was a knob from a much later instrument (a knob without the black insert at the top).


That is a very small button for trigger view. Even in the close-up of the CRT section (second picture) I can barely tell that's actually a button.

-- Jeff Dutky

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