Idle Question About the 485


I'm trying to convince myself not to bid on this 485 ( which has no bids, mostly because I don't have the cash, but also because I already have a 2465 that I am quite happy with, and that I perceive as an upgraded version of the 485 (it has almost the same bandwidth, 50 ohm input mode, and ALT horizontal mode, along with on-screen readout, cursors, and in my case, a multimeter and counter/timer).

While perusing the TekWiki page for the 485, however, I noticed that the 485, unlike the 465 and 475, does not appear to have a TRIG VIEW feature (or, at least, it doesn't have an obviously labeled button). Is this true? Does the 485 have no way to display, even momentarily, the external trigger signals?

-- Jeff Dutky

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