Re: USPS shipments comments

Michael A. Terrell

My last UPS delivery arrived as an empty, torn box with tire tracks on it.
The Ebay seller won't even reply to me, so I'm going to ask for a refund
from Ebay or Paypal.
A UPS delivery before that was from the VA. It was in one of their plastic
bags, but the corner of the box and the bag were torn, so my Hydrophilic
foam dressings were ruined and full of dirty water.
A delivery from Sam's Club was missing some cans, and that box was ripped
open as well.
They have misdelivered several items that were never located, as well. I'm
sick of poor service!

On Tue, Oct 19, 2021 at 2:57 AM Jean-Paul <> wrote:

We used UPS for decades now very poor service and wastes time.

DHL is hopeless as the owner German post has outsourced to a different
entities per country so custom clearance and tracking takes weeks.

Only use Fed Ex now both us and international

All shipping costs have gone up 20-70 % i last year.

The postman was 100% on extra adresse or labels causing misdirection we
have had that.

The $30 for two plug-ins was a great bargain.

Finally we have better results with new double wall boxes than recycled or
two box package


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