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Dave Seiter

I reuse boxes all the time, and have a huge selection, because even though most of what I ship goes in the flat rate boxes, some items don't.  I always either strip off old labels or black them out, and have never had a mis-delivery (except when I shipped the wrong slot car to Japan; that was an expensive mistake, but at least both buyers understood!).  USPS does use FedEx as a currier (or maybe the other way around), so you can't say "I don't need to black it out because I'm not shipping the old box with the same currier.  For really pricey stuff (like a set of jeweler's collets I sold a year ago), I always put the "to and from" info on the inside as well, usually tape to the item. 

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The postman was 100% on extra adresse or labels causing misdirection we have
had that.
I can see, sort of, if there's an old label with a bar code, or a bar code printed on the box. I remove those, or black them out, with a marker. I'm not so sure why it should matter... particularly with printing or writing on the box... since the "post office" uses a particular bar code, which ought to be fairly unique. The sorting machines are supposed to scan for the U.S.P.S. label on the box. If the "postman" sends your plugins back to Kimberly-Clark because you posted them in a Huggies box, with a U.S.P.S. label on it... well... it's just another day at the post office: right?

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