Re: Replacement caps for DC 505A

Dave Peterson

Blame it on me: I wasn't doing a proper job of searching Mouser. Not even sure what I did to get only two results. Using Mark Vincent's search as a start point I found the variety of Vishay axial capacitors. Looks like the 125 ALS line 6800uF cap is a good fit.

Still good to get thoughts and ideas from others. I'm still a newbie at capacitor selection, so don't completely trust myself.

On Wednesday, October 20, 2021, 05:29:02 PM PDT, Jeff Dutky <> wrote:


How close are the mechanical tolerances? The highest values for each voltage range (e.g. 6800 uF @ 16 V) is only 21mm in diameter. Would that still fit in the space?

Otherwise, my (relatively ignorant) understanding is that 4700 uF is today's equivalent to 5000 uF from the 1970s. Also, you are not designing this to be manufactured in bulk. If you order several more caps than you need you can select for highest capacitance, and not have to worry that the parts might be 20% below spec. You might get lucky and get a couple of parts that are 10% above spec.

-- Jeff Dutky

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