Tek VAR Pot Repair Rings

Jim Adney

I'm starting a new thread for these, in the hope that others will see this and respond. I've proposed getting 150 of these "Adney Rings" made by a local machine shop. I have to buy that many in order to get the price down to where I can resell them for $5 each, plus postage. These rings repair Tek-made VAR pots where the set screw attachment to the 1/16" shaft has cracked and no longer holds onto the shaft. This failure seems to be fairly common in the plugins where these pots were used. It appears that they were used in Letter Series, 1-Series, 2-Series, 70-Series, and 3-Series plugins. I'd love to hear that they were also used in later plugins. Please comment if you have corrections or additions. There's photos here, in case you don't remember what I'm talking about:


Future Adney Rings will come with slightly shorter SST set screws, which may be easier to install and less likely to snag nearby wiring.

So far I have the following commitments to buy "Adney" rings:

J. D.: 10 rings, $5 x 10 + $8 shipping = $58

D. W.: 10 rings, $5 x 10 + $8 shipping = $58

S. M.: 20 rings, $5 x 20 + $8 shipping = $108

M. V.: 10 rings, $5 x 10 + $8 shipping = $58

I'd be happy to hold on to 20 more, which is more than I'll ever use, so that brings us up to a total of 70 rings. Unfortunately, that's still less than half the preorders I need to get my cost down to the point where I can add the SST set screw and sell them for $5 each. That means that they will have to cost much more than $5 each, or other people need to step up and commit to some now, rather than waiting until later. Note that if I decide to hold on to a bunch of these myself, in order to keep the price down now, the future price is sure to go up.

Anyone else out there willing to raise their hand now? As Jeff said, "best to have and not need than to need and not have."

FYI, the machine shop quote I have has expired. I'm assuming they will stick to it for longer than the original time, but that's not assured. No one is committed until all my ducks are in a row. I'll let everyone know if/when this happens.

thanks for reading,

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