Re: USPS shipments comments

John Parkins G8KVP

Hello All,

Just a word of warning......... from the UK.

I run the parts department of an agricultural dealer, as you can imagine some of the parts that are delivered to us are large, heavy and you would think unbreakable. Don't you believe it, in the past year we have had more damaged, broken, delayed parts than ever before and not to mention the parts that just don't turn up at all. On top of that because of our wonderful, self inflicted, Brexit we have had no end of problems with customs. At the moment we are trying to send an engine (£25,000 worth) back to Germany, so far it's made 5 trips and been returned each time. We're not told why it comes back...........

Costs have gone through the roof, a regular customer had a near monthly order. It used to cost £30 to get it there, it now costs £180! 6 times as much.

So the moral is, pack extremely well, then do it better. Photograph everything so you have a record of not only what you've sent but how you've packed it. Do the paperwork and then get someone else to check the paperwork. Give it to the courier and wave goodbye.........

Some couriers are better than others, but they have all let us down at some point.

Best regards,
John mailto:john@...

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