Re: USPS shipments comments

Dave Seiter

The only problem I've ever had with FedEx is that they usually check to see if the box is actually rated for shipping.  A few years back they rejected a box I had used and I had to buy one of theirs.  My box was heavy enough and the item wasn't heavy, but they didn't care.  USPS doesn't care about boxes, unless they once held items that would be hazardous, like motor oil (ask me how I know that!).   I shipped a 7488 to Germany about 2009, and the buyer wanted to use DHL because he had a company account & discount.  It was still around $300, but made it there in one piece.  (one of the harmonica connectors did vibrate off, so it's good practice to check connections after receiving anything similar, especially if it's flown a long way.)

On Monday, October 18, 2021, 11:57:50 PM PDT, Jean-Paul <> wrote:

We used UPS for decades now very poor service and wastes time.

DHL is hopeless as the owner German post has outsourced to a different entities per country so custom clearance and tracking takes weeks.

Only use Fed Ex now both us and international

All shipping costs have gone up 20-70 % i  last year.

The postman was 100% on extra adresse or labels causing misdirection we have had that.

The $30 for two plug-ins was a great bargain.

Finally we have better results with new double wall boxes than recycled or two box package


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