Re: A flexible 7k extender? I'm thinking about it (was: 7B92 with no repeating sweep)


I was just wondering how much I would spend, in total, to avoid buying one of the genuine Tek flexible extenders on the auction site. The genuine articles have asking prices of $400 or more. I already have a few junker 7k plug-ins that will provide the frame, but those cost me something like $40, so that's the starting point. I plan to have PCBs made, so that's another $15-$25, and then I'll need 7k-compatible card edge socket ($5-$10), and assorted bits and bobs ($???). It sounds like I can get it all done for well under the $400 cost of a Tek-made extender.

I'm not really thinking of selling them, mainly because I don't have a good source for the aluminum frames (other than junker plug-ins), but I'm well aware that the market is small and tight-fisted (speaking as a member of the target market). I could probably 3D-print the plastic rear plate, but I expect that the top and bottom aluminum frames would be challenging to make.

I've also got a 7B92A that shuts the mainframe down when it's installed. I'm not sure how to go about diagnosing and fixing it, but it occurred to me that an extender with current limits on the power rails might be of some use.

-- Jeff Dutky

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