Re: 7B92 with no repeating sweep

Harvey White

I monitored the power supplies, added voltage test points, and just used ribbon cable (2 wires/signal).  Not meant for anything other than debugging functional.  Neither board (sadly) fits in 100 mm square, but end up being about 4.8 inches by about 4.25.


On 10/17/2021 5:17 PM, Jeff Dutky wrote:
Harvey White wrote:
Make one? Can be done with two 4x4 inch PC boards.
A flexible 7k extender? I'm thinking about it.

(actually I'm thinking about something a little more involved: a plug-in with both a pin connector for a flexible extension, and some indicators for 7k backplane health. I'm reading about 7k cal fixtures, and wondering if I can build some of that functionality in as well)

-- Jeff Dutky

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